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From early childhood to these days, the love and appreciation of the environment and outdoors have been a part of my life.

Some years ago, driving home from one of our Lake Superior camping trips, we hit a roadblock. The highway was closed by police and firefighters were working to control and extinguish a small forest fire caused by a cigarette thrown away at a nearby picnic area.

On the right side of the road, where we were stopped, there was a nice, clear water lake with a bit of a rocky shore. A plane kept coming back to the lake to fill up with water and dump it onto the fire. The smoke was quite heavy ahead of us, but we were safe at the lake.

It just took a long-long time to make the road available again. I found this twig on the shore, I had a knife in my toolbox, and from that time on this spirit just keeps the memory alive.  The rock is also from the shore of that lake.

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