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Wood carver Honky Hawrysio says a wood spirit is a face one can see in a tree when lost in a forest. It's a protector, ensuring no one is alone. Honky is an award-winning carver with a unique carving style: he creates wooden expressions in quartered logs.

He teaches his style in several locations. Once, both my husband and I participated in a one day workshop at his studio. The log with the two facial expressions was my learning piece. It is basswood.

Soon after this workshop, we traveled to Mexico. Our main interest was to visit Mayan historical sites. After a hot and very eventful day at Chichen Itza, back at the resort, I took a butternut quarter log and some tools from my suitcase, and carved the Honky style Mayan warrior face as I saw them carved in stone at the Temple of the Warriors. Even if he is not a wood spirit, hopefully he protected and still protects people getting lost in the Plaza of 1000 pillars