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Pécs (a city in southern Hungary, rhymes with Aitch). Cave men roamed the region, and early Celts settled down there. The Romans dug in, and early Christian burial vaults are the eye-opening attraction. Later the Ottoman Empire contributed to its history.

In all, the area has a significant share of historical sites, from cathedrals to a battle ground still alive with memories.

From street to street, the character of Pécs changes suddenly: Medieval Turkish, Baroque, early 20th century, then vast new developments.

In 1367, the first university was founded, then not much later the first semi-public library was added.

The oldest parts of the Cathedral of Pécs date from the 11th century. It has been rebuilt many times, the latest in 19th century rework of Romanesque ideas. Each of the four corners is topped by a tower. T

he building is huge. I could not find a picture showing the whole building at once. Hence the title of this “engraving” is: the towers of the Cathedral ('Székesegyház tornyai' in Hungarian.).