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George St. Ivanyi is a Hungarian musician, composer and a virtuoso on the piano. He had already celebrated his 80th birthday when he composed a song titled in Hungarian “Uram, adj békét a földre” (My Lord, bring peace to this world). The song has been translated into other languages, including English, and Mr. St. Ivanyi received congratulatory notes and letters from persons like Pope John Paul II for it.

This 12” basswood plate with an antiquated finish is the expression of my appreciation for his work.

I have included the English translation of the song below. Lyrics and music by George St. Ivanyi, translated from Hungarian by Peter Vincent.

My Lord, bring peace to this world

Don't let us end in destruction,

Oh my Lord throw flowers on all meadows

In the springtime's resurrection.

Let's live in peace together,

In sacred, brotherly love

Stop the killing, stop the hatred,

Only you can do it from above

My Lord who arts in high heaven,

Listen to our humble sound:

You never wanted in creation

To create a killing-ground.

Look, you hardly see a flower,

The forests are no more green,

My Lord who arts in high heaven

Give us miracles supreme.

[:My Lord, please, listen to us,

Listen to our humble prayer.:]