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The Helicon Ball is a debutante ball, an annual event organized under the auspices of the Hungarian Helicon Society. The Ball was started in 1958 by the Helicon Youth Association. The Ball is a celebration of Hungarian heritage, history and traditions.  

Three years ago I have been asked to carve something for the occasion.

I picked a scenery from one of our photograph taken at the mountains of Hungary and used that as the base for this carving. The style of well are quite common and the pine trees are also typical of the area. In mid height of the right side there is a structure, looks like a gate or a small building, that is a part of the emblem of the Hungarian Helicon Society.

It is  basswood about 12” x 24” x 0.5”. It is carved from one piece of wood with the exception of the rope, that I boiled, banded than carved separately.

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