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I once heard that whatever a person creates, it includes a piece of that person. I don’t know how correct this generally is, but in my case it sounds true. I must do chip carving, since I have Székely (Szekler) blood in my veins.

And I am a mathematician, so I love systems and orders.  

But I am also a very adventures person, who always experimenting.

In this case the question was: how far can I go with the usually flat geometrical, chip carving patterns so they have perspective. In other words: what can I do to trick the eyes to see what is not there?

This is my first try. You can think of it as a crystal vase surrounded with magical rays to make the ball levitate.

It is basswood, 12” x 24” x ¼”. In the rays on the top left and right corners, there are gold leafs.  

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