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It may seems controversial to call this clay work Solitude. For a while it had no title at all. This work started as an exercise to aim our project of writing a step-by-step modeling instruction book with Fred Zavadil. Fred is a sensational modeller and carver and we wanted to make his knowledge available and accessible by everyone interested.  We created an environment in his studio, where Fred was the teacher, I was the student and Anne Shelton was the photographer and text writer.  The title “Solitude” came to mind when we were close to finish the model that connects these two persons in isolation of some sadness they bear together.

It is my first of this kind, it took three days to get into this point. It can not be considered as a finished product in any ways, but this is one of my work that most likely will stay unfinished.

It is 2/3rd of life size, oil based clay.  

The left insert shows Fred’s finished model and the right one is the book. The book can be purchased via the and via the Lee Valley stores.  

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