The Art of Emma Perlaky

Welcome to my arts, crafts and music

... and me 40 years later


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Applied Mathematics, Eötvös Lóránd University of Budapest, Hungary, Accredited by University of Toronto, Canada; Concentration: Abstract algebra, Computer applications;

Thesis: High level program generation using Decision Tables.

Work Experience

Computer modeling, System development and programming

And the more important

After close to half a century of marriage, on a gloomy Januray night I lost hy husband...

We had a busy, active, wonderful life together, bringing up three sons (his son, my son and our son), immigrating to Canada, running a busniss, taking care of everyday life.

We loved nature and for recration we usully went camping. But as the decades went by and camping was not an option any more, we turned our backyard into a little wilderness.

Being a mother, grandmother, a computer sientist, the founder of our company, my life was filled with love, logic, order and stress.

I started woodcarving and sculpting in 1996, as a way of relaxation and have continued to enjoy it since.

I am not a professional artist, but there is a strong internal force that keeeps me going.

Then harping become a passion! And for learning more about music in general, I just completed my second certificale courses at Berklee OnLine.