The Art of Emma Perlaky

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This time portraits are featured, but they will be changed periodically... The next group will be mandalas
boy in pastel photo of the little boy

A sweet little boy . .

He is my grandson, it was my first attamt of a pastel drawing.

Anna pastel.jpg photo of the little girl

and a sweet little girl

This drawing is realy titeld: Emerging. When I was working on it, she came to my table, took a black pastel and started to paint her green top to black. I was quite surprized and asked why she is painting it black? "Because I am emerging from the cloud" - was the ansewer. So, be it.

my husband photo of the little girl


The first experiment using charcoal drawing.

Zoltan charcoal Zoltan picture

The Thinker

My current work, the latest in charcoal.